How to make the most of the Custom Text tool

Jul 23, 2019 | English

As you know, we launched the Custom Text tool last week and we are already seeing people scaling up with amazing results! This new tool will turn your products into interactive experiences that will allow your buyers to customize their own products based on your designs! This advanced feature, with live customization of designs, is exclusive to Moteefe and is not available anywhere else in the Print-on-demand market. With its integration into our platform, we aim to help grow your sales and to provide an even better experience for all of our users and their buyers. 

Here’s how the Custom Text tool can help grow your sales and maximize your profit.

Why Sellers love It

With the Custom Text tool, you’re able to get even more creative with your merchandise. With more opportunity for creativity, you’re no longer limited to a single logo displayed on your branded products. Instead, you can now add up to 2 additional text fields onto any of their selected apparel. 

This sets a new path for ideas that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. You can turn a higher profit by increasing the price of apparel that includes customizable text.Custom Text products are a hot new trend at the moment (even Nike and Adidas are getting in on it) and sellers love it because:

  1. buyers love it and they convert more (win/win)
  2. you can command a higher price point
  3. you can offer something no one else can (full customization)

When sellers use our Custom Text feature, they’re able to increase their sales while providing exclusive merch that their buyers love. We here at Moteefe call that a win-win.

Why Buyers Love It

Remember, you want to appeal to all of your target audience, and custom text is a great way for them to engage with your brand and purchase a product made specifically for them.

The Custom Text tool will allow your buyers to edit the text on their products, with a range of different fonts and colors available for them to choose from. The option for customization allows for them to actually engage and personalize the products that they want to purchase. 

With more available customization, your buyers are going to have more reason to purchase more of your merchandise.   

We aim to enhance the overall buyer experience by providing them the privilege of purchasing a product that 100% unique and created just for them. They can customize their name, their age, and anything else related to them.  

The only limitation is their own creativity and imagination!

What makes our Custom Text tool so special?
The best part about our Custom Text tool is that you won’t find it anywhere else other than right here at Moteefe. It allows your buyers to edit the text on their products, with a range of different fonts and colors available. Buyers can also edit the text in real-time, with two customizable text fields! You can also upload your own fonts to better match your design.

Let’s see some designs for your inspiration…

At Moteefe, our top priority is to help you succeed. With the Custom Text feature, you really can turn your imagination into profit. It’s completely free, easy to use, and will help grow your sales dramatically. We can’t wait to see the awesome designs that you come up with!

If you’re ready to upload your design and start printing your own custom text onto your merch, head over to and get started today for FREE. For more information on our Custom Text tool, check out our step-by-step tutorial here!

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