The Orders Tab

Jul 16, 2019 | English

The Moteefe platform just got an additional tab that will help you understand who bought from your campaigns and stores. We’re introducing the Orders Tab to your dashboard.

The Orders Tab is an additional section inside your dashboard that lists all purchases made in your stores and campaigns and will provide you insights such as the origin country from your buyers, the number of items of a specific order or the link to your store or campaign that sold the product. This way you’ll be able to better understand your buyers and use that information to target them back in online advertisements, on Facebook or elsewhere you promote your products. This tab will also provide you customer service tools so that you can answer directly to your buyers if they comment on any of your ads.

All data will be available to download in CSV format. This way you can say you’re owning your business, for real

Moteefe is determined to help you achieve success and providing you more detailed data will sure be a step forward in that direction. Let us know what do you think about this new feature and don’t forget to launch your next campaign, making sure to check this tab regularly. A brand new feature just in time for the ongoing Summer Promo!

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