How Top Influencers In The USA & Europe Are Using Merch To Grow Their Brand & Make A Fortune!

Jul 10, 2019 | English

Of all the new trends that influencers are following today, arguably one of the most profitable is selling merchandise. Selling custom merch has always been a reliable marketing method for brand growth, but it wasn’t until recently that it really began to make an impact on the level of income for influencers. 2017 was a financially rough year for a lot of YouTubers due to the sudden changes in the platform’s monetization policy. Many channels were demonetized, causing both small and big-time influencers to explore new routes to generate revenue. It seems as though there was one clear solution that blew every alternative out of the water: Merchandise. Top influencers, particularly in the United States and Europe, are using custom merch to grow their brand and make a fortune out of it. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples…


Location: United States

Smosh began back in 2002 as a sketch comedy website created by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. In 2005, the two friends began posting content on their YouTube channel and quickly became one of the most popular channels on the platform. They took advantage of their quickly expanding popularity by selling their own line of branded t-shirts on the original website.  In 2009, Smosh began to promote companies and other channels, which they still do on occasion to this day.  

With 24.5 Million current subscribers and a unique line of merchandise consistent with the tone of their content, the Smosh team has an estimated net worth of $12.5 Million. By selling their own merch, they’ve expanded their brand well beyond YouTube and into the modern social trend of influence. 

YouTube Channel –

Merch Store –


Location: United Kingdom

Since he began his YouTube career in 2006, PewDiePie has accumulated approximately 96.7 Million subscribers and is currently the top YouTuber in the world. His unique and comedic content has propelled his influence to the top of the charts, reeling nearly 22 Billion views since his initial launch. Despite his millions of views per month, he’s said that purchasing a channel’s exclusive merch is the best way for followers to support it.

PewDiePie is no stranger to merchandise. He doesn’t just offer a wide array of branded products; he offers merch that he himself wants fans to actually want to wear. Due to the continuous growth of his channel and a loyal fan base buying his merch, PewDiePie currently has an estimated net worth of $20 Million. 

YouTube Channel –

Merch Store –

Dude Perfect

Location: United States

The Dude Perfect team began their YouTube career back in 2009 as a group of college roommates posting sports entertainment content. Since their channel’s launch, they’ve managed to gather over 43 Million subscribers and counting. As of 2019, the team has an estimated net worth of $20 million. While this magnitude of wealth can be thanked largely due to their growing fan base and AdSense earnings, most of it stems from selling their own line of merch. 

The Dude Perfect merch store offers a huge selection of products, from branded sports apparel all the way to basketballs. Not only has this propelled the support and influence of their channel, but it has also helped dramatically grow their brand to be one of the most recognized there is within the YouTube community.     

YouTube Channel –

Merch Store –

These are just a handful of channels that have hoped on the highly profitable bandwagon of selling merch. It’s estimated that a YouTuber that pulls in a million views per month can make around $250 – $4,000 in AdSense earnings, and anywhere in between $4,100 – $21,460 by selling merchandise. It’s a highly effective marketing technique, which is why more and more influencers are utilizing Print-on-Demand platforms like Moteefe to help launch merch campaigns and stores.

Print On Demand

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