How To Use Moteefe With Google Analytics

Jun 20, 2019 | English

Today we’ll learn how to use Moteefe with Google Analytics. The storefront search feature allows your buyers to search for specific items inside your stores and makes it easier for them to find a product they’re looking for. Did you know that you can access the data with the keywords your buyers search in your stores? It’s very easy to set up, but before remember – the search feature only becomes available to stores with a minimum of 10 campaigns and when you sell at least 1 product from any campaign. So let’s get it started!

First, you need to create a Google Analytics account. It’s free and very easy to set up. Go to, log in to your account or create a new one.
Then you need to link Moteefe with Google Analytics. For this, go to your account settings on the Moteefe platform and there you will find a field called ‘Google Analytics ID’. This is your unique ID that will allow Moteefe to provide data to Google Analytics. To get this code, return to the Google Analytics dashboard, go to Admin on the bottom left corner of the page, then ‘Property Settings’ and copy-paste your tracking ID into the Moteefe dashboard and save it.

Next step is to activate the search tracking feature on Google Analytics. There, return to Admin, on the ‘All Web Site Data’ panel go to ‘View Settings’, then ‘Site Search Settings’ and enable the Site Search Tracking feature. Finally, on the ‘Query Parameter’ field, you need to write the word ‘search’. You can now save your settings.

If you return to the homepage of Google Analytics you can choose between views to get the data. Remember that this data isn’t instantly displayed here. Go to ‘Behavior’, click on ‘Site Search’ and then ‘Overview’. Here you can set the date range you want to get your data and you’ll be able to immediately view the most common search terms that buyers looked for in your stores. You can get full reports on each search term and understand also your buyers’ interests by knowing what they search for.

If you have multiple stores, on ‘Overview’, click ‘Start Page’ and you’ll be able to track the full path where the search was made. There, you’ll see the name of your store associated with each keyword.

Google Analytics allows you to breakdown the information the way you want, like knowing the source country where the buyer searched from a specific keyword or even demographics. All of this will help you to become a smarter seller when you launch a campaign on Moteefe and eventually, becoming more and more successful. And that’s it! Your Google Analytics account is now linked to your Moteefe account and now it’s all about data and the way you’re going to use it to become a super seller!

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