How To Launch Your First Campaign

Jun 20, 2019 | English

Today we’ll explain how to launch a campaign on Moteefe in three easy steps. However, before you can start, you need your own design! Be creative! It will fit perfectly on the products you’ll choose for your campaigns! So let’s begin…

First, go to and click on Create New Campaign, on the top of the page. Then you’ll need to upload your design to our platform. It’s super easy! Just click on Upload Your Design, select the file from a folder in your computer, and our super smart bots will process the image in no time – Make sure to follow the minimum requirements so you can get a high-quality print

Second, you need to select the products you want to add to your campaign. You’ve different categories to choose from, such as apparel, bags, towels or cushions. If you click on each category, you’ll see all the products available to you. You can add as many products as you like, there are also two options to display the products: in 3D and Flat.

Now, each product has two buttons: “Edit” and “Add”. “Add” is a quick add button, so if you click on it, that product will immediately be added to your campaign. The “Edit” button allows you to edit the position, rotation, and size of your artwork on the product, as well as adding separate artworks like a different image for the back of your t-shirt. You can also find some easy tools for you to optimize the design, its placement and preview of the final product. Add additional colors to your products.

Something very important is the “Selling Price”. Here you can set the price you’re going to sell the product and automatically, on the “Profit Calculator”, you’ll see how much money you’ll be making if you sell a certain amount of products. The “Base Cost Per Unit” always stays flat.You’ll need to consider also the Buyer’s location. This means that your selling price will stay the same, but your profits will change slightly depending on the buyer’s location. If you’re happy with your design adjustments and selling price, you can save it to your campaign.

If you’re happy with your campaign and want to move on to the next step, click “Save and Continue”. The third and last step is all about the details of the campaign. Here you can add a Title to your campaign, as well as a direct URL and the description of your campaign, design, and set of products.

You’ll also find a section called Collections. You can add up to three keywords that are related to this specific artwork and set of products. This will be super important for when you’re creating a store. Based on these Collections you’ll be able to add campaigns to your own stores. Here you can change the primary image displayed on your product. You may add the model and a close-up for the buyer to get a good view of the quality of the product. Then you can change the cover product to be displayed on your campaign. That will be the first image your buyers will see.

The final part is about business. The Shopping Cart Upsell allows you to offer a discount if the buyer purchases another product. For example, if someone buys this t-shirt you can upsell with a mug, offering a 10% discount on the mug. This will help you sell more, offering discounts to your buyers who already have an item in their shopping carts. The E-Mail Cross-sell will allow you to add references to similar items to your buyers who historically bought designs under the same type of collections. Imagine you have a collection called Dogs; if you have a different design tagged in the collections as “Dogs” the buyer will get a reference to purchase a product from that other campaign, in the confirmation e-mail. If you do so, you may add a discount to these other products to encourage the buyer to purchase more

Then, set a launch date and duration for your campaign. The smaller the duration of your campaign, the faster we’ll produce and send the products to your buyers. Once the campaign ends you may relaunch it; keep it ongoing which means every single order will be completed directly; or end the campaign completely.

When you’re ready, you can launch the campaign! You just need to click the “Launch Campaign” button on the top of the page. Now that your campaign is online, it’s your turn to promote it and start getting some orders!

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