How Discounts Work

Jun 20, 2019 | English

Now that all your campaigns and stores are set up, let’s make selling more attractive to your buyers by creating discounts. Discounts are a great way to increase your sales when you advertise your products online.

It’s very easy to create a discount on your campaign…

First, you need to go to your dashboard. Click on the icon on the top right corner of the page and then on Dashboard. You’ll see the list of all your campaigns.On the campaign, you want to add a discount, click on the “Discounts” icon – A window will pop-up. Here you can set the details for the coupon that will offer a discount to the buyer. There are three types of coupons to choose from: The “Amount Off” discount allows you to give a specific amount off the product pricing. For example, if a t-shirt costs $30, you may offer a $5 discount off that pricing. The “Percentage Off” discount allows you to give a specific percentage off the product pricing. For example, if a t-shirt costs $30, you may offer a 10% discount off that pricing.

And “Free shipping” will remove the delivery cost for your buyers.
Then you can either use the coupon code we automatically generate or write one of your own. Be creative!

Finally, you’ll need to set when the coupon will expire. If you select “Relaunch”, the coupon will be valid every time you launch this campaign again. If you select “End on a date”, that means the coupon will end on a specific date you can set below. When you’re happy, click “Create Coupon”.

In the next window, you can copy the link to your discounted campaign. When your buyers click on this link, they will be redirected to the discounted product, as referenced on the top of the page. This means the promotion has been automatically added to the order.

These links can be used on your website or social media and even as the links on online advertisement campaigns. Be smart where you’ll use them to get the potential buyer’s attention.

Remember, base costs won’t change and these discounts will be reflected in your profit. However, discounts are super appellative to buyers, so if you communicate these well, you may be getting a lot more orders than in campaigns without discounts.

Create as many discounts as you like. Now every time you click on the “Discounts” button on your campaign in the dashboard, the list of discounts associated with that campaign will be displayed. Here you’ll see the Links, Codes, Discount Values, Expiration dates and also an important insight which is how many times the discount was used on a purchase. And that’s it – Your discount is live on your campaign!

Now, it’s your turn to promote it and start getting some orders!

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