How to Hit a Higher Tier and Earn More Bonus?

Jun 20, 2019 | English

Here at Moteefe, our goal couldn’t be simpler – we want to help you make as much profit as possible. That’s why we take our pricing very seriously. By offering you competitive base costs on our products, we’re making it easier than ever to work with us and delight your customers with some incredible product offerings. That’s why we have a tier system so that the more you sell with your campaigns, the lower the base cost on your products is! This is a way to reward you when you reach a certain amount of sales by reducing the base cost and, therefore, increasing your profits. There are 5 tiers: Rookie, Hustler, Expert, Master, and King!

Go to your dashboard on the top right corner of the homepage and your status is displayed on the right sidebar. At first, you’re a Rookie. When you sell more than 500 products you’ll get a 25 cents reduction from your products’ base costs next month.

And now you’re a Hustler! Once you sell more than 1000 products, you’ll get a 50 cents reduction from your products’ base costs next month, turning you into an Expert.

The top tiers give you the highest bonuses: as a Master, with more than 2500 sold products, you’ll get a 75 cents reduction and as a King, with more than 5000 sold products, you’ll get a 1 euro reduction from your products’ base costs next month. 
Remember, you can keep your tier next month as long as you sell at least 50 units during the previous month. If not – your tier will be downgraded. Let’s always aim for the stars so you can keep your tier and get more bonuses

As business partners, we want you to become a super seller and to reward you more and more when you increase your sales!

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